Girls Forever

Version C cover. From left to right : Jiyoung, Nicole, Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara.

Studio album by Kara

November 14, 2012 (2012-11-14)


Pop, dance-pop


56:51 (with bonus tracks)


Universal Sigma

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Singles from Girls Forever

“Speed Up” / “Girl’s Power”
Released: March 21, 2012
“Electric Boy”
Released: October 17, 2012

Girls Forever (ガールズ フォーエバー, Gāruzu Fōebā?) is the third Japanese studio album (sixth overall) of the South Korean girl group Kara. It was released on November 14, 2012, in four different editions.[1][2]


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The album was announced by the group’s Korean agency, DSP Media, in October 8, on Kara’s official Japanese website with prices and first details about the release.[3][4] It will be released in four editions: 3 limited editions, CD+DVD, CD+Photobook (28-pages) and a CD-Only First Press, plus a regular edition: CD-Only Normal Press. Every edition will come with a different jacket cover and different contests: the CD+DVD edition will come with the white jacket cover, a CD+Photobook with the black jacket cover, and both first and normal press CD only editions come with the grey jacket cover, including only the CD itself. All limited editions comes with five bonus tracks, 2012 versions of the songs “Jet Coaster Love”, “Go Go Summer!” and “Winter Magic” and remastered versions of the songs “Mister” and “Jumping”. The album was also released in a special Deluxe edition on the Japanese iTunes Store, including the music videos of “Speed Up”, “Girl’s Power” and “Electric Boy”. All limited editions comes with a special ticket to buy a special gift: limited A (CD+DVD edition) comes with a lottery ticket for their Tokyo Dome performance in 2013, limited B (CD+Photobook) comes with a special ticket for a special DVD with solo versions from the music video of “Electric Boy”, one out of five different types. The buyer can choose one by ticket, pricing ¥2,000 every DVD. Limited C (CD only) comes with a special signed poster, one out of five different types.[5] All editions will come with a lyric b